Quality Assurance

At Camel, we have skillful set of testing and selection criteria to consistently monitor the quality and safety of our products with all raw and finished ingredients are produced in accordance with strict regulations and processes. Our testing and selection criteria has accredited and certified to internationally recognized standards such as: ISO 9001, HACCP, BRC Global Standard for Food Safety since 2012. With demanding standards, every raw material is being sent to our in-house R&D and Control Department where strict tests are being conducted to ensure that only top-quality ingredients are used to manufacture our products which other competitors aren’t confident to do so. In Camel, we have the latest generation technologies for production efficiency and operational enhancement in the food processing to ensure food safety, automation equipment for streamline processes to optimize production, improve quality and reduce our labour costs.

In order to achieve high level of public trust and confidence for our brand name locally, the amount of effort we put into ensuring and abiding the strict quality guidelines with compliance to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) has further earning us the recognition and has allowed us to win awards such as Tasty Singapore, Singapore Asia Pacific Brands Award 2012, Singapore Promising Brand Award in 2003 and 2005 and among other prestigious awards.