Footprints in the Camel Journey


1974 – Company founded by Managing Director, Mr Poh Ah Seng.

1977 – Acquired a small factory plant from a home backyard establishment.

1992 – Acquired and established a 10,000sqm factory at 127 Defu Lane (Singapore), where mass production of nuts begins.

1999 – Implement ORACLE ERP System, which improves effectiveness of logistic process.

We were awarded HACCP Certification by SGS, ISO 9002 accredited by the Dutch Council for Accreditation and MUIS Halal Certification.

2002 – Embarked on overseas export markets. Once again we were awarded ISO9001:2000 accredited by the Dutch Council for Accreditation.

2003 – Gain recognition in Singapore’s Promising Brand Award.

2004 – Attained Grade A Factory License for 5 consecutive years.

2011 – Attained BRC Global Standards’ BRC Certification. BRC Global Standards guarantee the standardization of safety, operational and quality criteria and provide protection for end consumers.

2012 – Attained BRC Food version & Certification. Tasty Singapore, Singapore Asia Pacific Brands Award